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View from the fortifications at Fassu'ah Ridge
down into Batn Al Ghul.
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in the desert



From June 1916 to October 1918, war raged through the Arab territories of the disintegrating Ottoman Empire. In contrast to the mud and blood of the Western Front, it seemed a romantic war fought by traditional desert warriors riding camels. And, in Colonel T. E. Lawrence, it produced one of the great British celebrities of the 20th century.

But it was more than this. The Arab Revolt pioneered a new form - a people's war - and helped create the modern Middle East. Now a new field project is underway to investigate the history and archaeology of this seminal event. British and Jordanian colleagues are working with volunteers, students and local communities to map and investigate the remains, record the oral histories, and develop new heritage sites for Jordan and its many visitors.

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